"RPE "Ukrmagnesit" is the only manufacturer of Magnesium Oxide boards in Ukraine and Europe.

"RPE "Ukrmagnesit" is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise for the production of MgO board with no analogues in Ukraine.


The Research-and-Production company "Ukrmagnesit" specializes in manufacturing of an environmentally friendly building and finishing material which is a Magnesium Oxide board.

Founded in March 2008, and since 2010 it has been focusing on the development of technologies and production of various types of magnesium oxide-based products.

In 2015 the production modernization was carried out. New equipment was put into operation to improve the technology and increase production volumes.

In 2016, the first batch of MgO boards was shipped to European partners.


MgO board is made of natural components, which is a guarantee of its absolute environmental friendliness and is safe for human health.

Due to the unique set of features like non-combustibility, antiseptic, moisture resistance, environmental friendliness, etc., this building and finishing material is deservedly in high demand in Ukraine and the European Union countries.

It is widely used for all types of indoor and outdoor finishing works, in particular in premises with increased requirements for wear resistance and fire safety (mass use facilities, shopping centers, schools, sports facilities).



During the manufacturing process, Ukrmagnesit products undergo a multi-level quality control system, that allows to get the final product meeting European standards and sanitary-epidemiological norms.

Our products have been successfully tested in the EU's core laboratories. In the course of tests the corresponding protocols and certificates confirming high quality of the given building and finishing material have been received.



You can buy our MgO board in almost any city in Ukraine. The company is constantly expanding its sales geography and list of representatives in all regions of the country.

Today "Ukrmagnesit" cooperates with the largest retail chains of stores specializing in home improvement, such as Epicentr, New Line, Leroy Merlin, Oldi, etc.

Cooperating with the "Ukrmagnesit" company, you get the following advantages:

  • Logistics support (assistance in finding transport, organization of the delivery process);
  • Technical support (Consultations on the use of MgO board, assistance in preparing installation schemes, etc.);
  • Marketing support (especially relevant for representatives and dealers of our company. Assistance in the elaboration and creation of advertising products, provision of all types of printed advertising, etc.).


At the end of 2015, “Ukrmagnesit” entered the list of the best enterprises in Ukraine according to the assessment of the National Business Rating and received the title "Industry Leader".

Also according to the results of the complex evaluation of performance, "Ukrmagnesit" received «Gold rating» among enterprises of Ukraine in the nomination «Indicators of the scale of production and solvency» and «Gold rating» in the nomination «Investment appeal».

The awards received demonstrate the experts’ recognition of the high quality of our products, reliability and prospects of the company for investors.

The manufacturer of magnesite board, the company "RPE"Ukrmagnesit" received the status of "Industry Leader"
The manufacturer of magnesite board, the company "RPE"Ukrmagnesit" received the status of «Gold rating»
The manufacturer of magnesite board, the company "RPE"Ukrmagnesit" received the status of «Gold rating»


The beginning of the XXI century is characterized by the recognition and standardization of the market of safe and environmentally friendly products. Interest in this promising segment from states and large businesses is growing. However, Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, are characterized by the unwillingness of the domestic market to consume safe and environmentally friendly products due to low environmental awareness. The philosophy of "Ukrmagnesit" LLC is to produce safe and environmentally friendly products, to exclude toxic materials from the production process as much as possible and to eliminate toxic emissions into the environment.

The production and promotion of safe and environmentally friendly products on the market make it possible to increase the competitiveness of products and our enterprise as a whole, which allows us to reach a qualitatively new level of producer-consumer relations.

By monitoring the construction materials market, we systematically expand our product range in order to provide our clients with an optimal and balanced set of services from a single source. We constantly maintain quality and common standards of customer service throughout Ukraine, developing a network of representatives and ensuring the company's presence in every region.