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Magnesite Board. Production Technology

A magnesite board is positioned like an ecologically friendly, non-combustible, waterproof material, and Scientific and production enterprise “Ukrmagnesite” LLC, a manufacturer of such boards, pays a special attention to this factor, it is very actual in relation of the latest events in terms of fires and their consequences.

To comprehend why our product possesses all mentioned above properties, it is necessary to find out what the content of a magnesite board is.

The magnesite board is a sheet-like finishing material produced on the basis of the cement obtained in the result of the reaction of magnesium oxide and salts of magnesium.


About the content in brief: magnesium oxide is the base for the production of the magnesite board, it is obtained from minerals of magnesite or dolomite. Thus the name – a magnesite board. We produce ourselves the magnesium oxide by means of ore roasting. This substance is a powder of white colour that, apart from construction, is used in other spheres. For example, in food industry (food additive E 530), in medicine (magnesia product), in agriculture, etc.


We use magnesium chloride or bishofite (mineral salt) like a second main reagent. This salt is a component of mineral water. Like magnesium oxide, it is also used in medicine and in the production of household cleaning products (defreeze substances, antifreezes, additives for bath, etc.).


In the result of the reaction between magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride, an especially cubic crystalline lattice is formed, it let retain different fillers. According to its strength, this cement (Sorel cement, white cement) is significantly superior to portland cement, that fact determines many properties of the magnesite board. It is used for the production of grind stones, mill stones, abrasive disks, artificial stones and special poured floors.


We add perlite as a filler. It is expanded sand (or volcanic sand) that receives and gives back water easily (up to 30 times more than its weight). It is used in construction like heat and sound insulator, it is added into glasshouse soil and standard soil in agriculture. It minimizes significantly thermal conductivity and weight, increases sound insulating level.


The mentioned above substances are fillers for the body of our magnesite board. To make it more strong and elastic (flexible), the sheet is reinforced by a layer of basalt fiberglass mesh and a layer of nonwoven fabric from each side.


As a result, we obtain the magnesite board which consists of natural ecologically pure components only, that additionally provide this material with a unique complex of advantageous characteristics such as environmental compatibility, non-combustibility, water-resistance, antiseptic properties and durability.


Author: Kalinichenko V.

Commercial Director of “Research and production enterprise “Ukrmagnesit” LLC