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Magnesite Board


Magnesite board (MB) from national manufacturer LLC “Research-and-production enterprise “Ukrmagnesit” is a universal construction finishing material with a wide range of application. Due to its physical and mechanical properties and performance, MB may be used practically everywhere, where the other known finishing materials are used presently (OSB, QSB, fibreboard, chipboard, fire-resistant and moisture-proof veneer, heat-resistant gypsum board, gypsum-fibre boards, aqua panel, cement board, fibre cement board, flat slate, etc.). Magnesite board represents a sheet material of 1200*2400 and thickness of 8, 10, 12 mm.


Magnesite board composition:


Magnesite board is produced from natural components only, without any extra additives. Main magnesite board components: magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride. As a result of a reaction between magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride, an especially strong crystal lattice is formed, it allows to hold different fillers. side.


Fillers: perlite (volcanic sand) that minimizes substantially thermal conduction and weight, increases sound insulation, shavings of fine fraction (make a board elastic, solid). For additional strength and elasticity (flexibility) a board is reinforced with a layer of fiberglass and a layer of nonwoven material from each

High consumer properties of a magnesite board are achieved exceptionally due to the composition of its components and production technologies, and not by means of additional impregnations, modifiers and others, like most finishing materials have in their composition. All board properties are “inborn” and homogeneous along its mass.

Ecological aspect: it does not contain asbestos, phormaldehyde and other harmful substances, safe for people and food products. Magnesite board is in conformity with all requirements of the Ukrainian and international standards in ecology. Only natural ecologically pure substances are in its composition. Lightness: this MB property allows mounting of different constructions quickly without the use of lifting mechanisms, that simplifies installation and reduces the number of workers needed for this, and it also reduces the cost of construction of the frame and the building footing. Magnesite board strength: magnesite board is a material with good strength properties, it can be scraped, nailed (even with a pneumatic pistol), you can insert screws; MB can be reused after dismounting; attached equipment can be installed to a partition manufactured from MB.
Processability: when working with a magnesite board no special tools and instruments are required, cutting of the plate can be performed with the help of an ordinary knife by means of a cut and further breaking of a board. Incombustibility: the board is incombustible and does not release toxic substances under the influence of high temperatures, it allows the application of the magnesite board to the objects of specific requirements on fire safety and to constructs on the protection of bearing structures of buildings from fire. Soundproofing and thermal insulation: due to its structure and composition, magnesite board is a good insulator, which allows additionally improving thermal and acoustic insulation of rooms.
Durability: MB lifetime is to 30 years depending on the conditions of use. MB lifetime warranty is not less than 7 years from the moment of its mounting on condition of the following of mounting norms and maintenance.
Flexibility: magnesite board is a flexible material due to reinforcement with glass fiber. Magnesite board can be used in finishing of curvilinear constructions. Antiseptic properties of the board exclude the possibility of the presence of molds, fungi and insects.
Stability of dimensions: it has a low linear expansion coefficient under the influence of humidity and temperature (up to 0,3%). Frost-resistance: it stands more than 50 thermal cycles (for MB “Facade”). Moisture-resistance: MB is not deformed under the influence of moisture, steam, dampness, it is resistant to a direct contact with water.

LLC “RPE “Ukrmagnesit”, in compliance with Ukraine’s Technical Requirements 2.7-23.6-23638610-001:201, manufactures several types of the board distinguished by physical and mechanical characteristics and the sphere of application.


    • Magnesite board «Standard» – A magnesite board of mark “Standard” is used in finishing work in living, administrative, public buildings and premises for inner finishing of walls, for interior partitions, floors, for suspended ceilings and others, in rooms with dry and normal humidity regiments. It may be applied in buildings and rooms with increased humidity with exhaust ventilation, on condition of the surface protection, for example, by waterproofing, water-resistant coating and paints, ceramic tiles. It may be used for manufacturing of decorative panels and sound-absorbing constructions for inner finishing of rooms.
      Key directions of use of MB of mark «Standard» are the following:
  • finishing work in public places with specific requirements to strength and wearing quality of constructions (sports complexes, trade and entertainment centers, cinemas, heated storehouses and others);
  • finishing work in buildings and constructions with increased sanitary and epidemiologic requirements (health care centers, laboratories, health resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafes, educational institutions, workshops of food industry, etc.)


  • Magnesite board «Premium» – A magnesite board of mark “Premium” is used in finishing work in living, administrative, public buildings and premises for interior finishing of walls, for interior partitions, floors, for suspended ceilings and others, in rooms with damp and wet humidity regiments. It may be used in finishing work in non-heated rooms (basements, parkings, storehouses, garages, balconies and others).
    Key directions of use of MB of mark «Premium» are the following:


  • fire protection of partition and bearing structures with increased requirements on fire-resistant limits (evacuation ways, lift pits, flights of stairs, frame buildings, communication pits, ventilation pits, wooden elements of attic floors, etc.);
  • finishing work in industrial and production premises with special requirements to resistance to aggressive environment (acids, alkali, oil products);
  • finishing work in rooms with great temperature falls and humidity (saunas, swimming-pools, kitchens, bakeries, washes, etc.);
  • chimneys, stoves, etc


      • Magnesite board «Facade» – It is used in external finishing work in living, administrative, public buildings and premises.
        Key directions of use of MB of mark “Facade” are the following:
  • systems of vented facade;
  • base for different variants of facade finishing (including finishing with stones);
  • frame construction with metal or wooden frame;
  • monolithic and frame building;
  • permanent shuttering;
  • installation of roofing;
  • coating systems of heat-insulation of a facade.


Physical and mechanical properties


«Standard» «Premium» «Facade»
Length, mm 2400/1500 2400/1500 2400/1350
Width, mm 1200/600 1200/600 1200/900
Thickness, mm 8,10,12 8,10,12 10,12
Density, kg/m3, within the measures of 750…1000 900…1200 1000…1400
Water absorbance, %, not more than 25 16 10
Bending strength, MPa, not less than 7,0 7,7 7,7
Hardness of front face, MPa, not less than 30 40 45
Change of linear parameters under the influence of temperature and humidity, %, not more than 0,3 0,2 0,1
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, watt/(meter*kelvin), not more than 0,24 0,26 0,26
Specific resistance to pulling of a screw, N/mm 400 500 500
Fire-resistance Incombustible material Incombustible material Incombustible material
Soundproofing 30 DB (for 10 mm) 30 DB (for 10 mm) 30 DB (for 10 mm)
Crash resistance, J, not less than 5,0
Frost-resistance, loss of bending strength not more than to 10%, of frost cycles 50

The process of mounting includes the following stages of work:

      • Installation of wooden or metal profile system;
      • Mounting of a magnesite board;
      • Coating of the surface and faces of the magnesite board;
      • Sealing of joints and thin-layer leveling of the surface by magnesite putty for finishing;
      • Coating of a final surface before finishing (painting, wallpapering, application of decorative putties and others).


Album of technical solutions of magnesite board mounting


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