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Calcined Brucite (Caustic Magnesium Oxide).

Calcined Brucite – is a mineral of brucite that has undergone a thermal treatment under controlled conditions, the main substance of which is magnesium oxide (MgO).

The obtained product possesses unique properties such as high content of magnesium oxide (up to 92%), the absence of insoluble products of burning in its content, a white colour, a given granulometric composition, high activity, stable quality. Product operating name is Calcined brucite (caustic brucite). Its raw material is a mineral of brucite, natural magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2).

Depending on a grade of brucite ore and mode of burning, the following brand products are distinguished:

Manufacture’s brand ппп, %, max MgO, %, min CaO, %, max SiO2 %, max Fe2O3 %, max Granulometric composition
BSB-3 10 78 4,5 6 0,5 0-100 micrometers
BMB-3 7 81 5 6 0,6 0-100 micrometers
BMB-3 7 83 5 6 0,6 0-1000 micrometers

Packaging in FIBC with polyethylene insert from 500 to 1000 kg.

Storage: in closed warehouse premises under conditions excluding humid regiment and clogging with foreign materials.

Transportation: in covered and specialized vehicles, by rail and road transport, as well as in vehicles for mineral fertilizers and in hoppers.

Calcined brucite is manufactured by means of controlled burning of brucite ore at temperature range of 600-1200°C in specialized furnaces, with its further grinding and fractionation of the product.

Depending on the degree of temperature treatment (activity) and granulometric composition, calcined brucite is used as: