Magnesium Oxide board

MgO board or magnesia board
Construction and finishing material, with a unique set of performance characteristics, which provide a wide range of applications.

MgO board is an eco-friendly, high-strength versatile material, widely used for internal and external finishing works. It is manufactured according to ТУ У В.2.7-23.6-23638610-001:2014.

Due to its physical and mechanical properties and operational qualities, such as strength, flexibility, fire and moisture resistance, MgO board is the best alternative to the most popular building and finishing materials.

In most cases, its use is more expedient than the use of gypsum drywall, any other gypsum-based materials, plywood, aquapanel boards, and plate materials such as chipboard, QSB, OSB, slate, fibre cement boards, etc.

Only natural origin components are used for the manufacture of Magnesium Oxide boards, therefore it does not contain harmful and toxic substances and guarantees its absolute environmental friendliness and safety for human health.

Composition of Magnesia board

Chloride and Magnesium Oxide
Main components that determine the characteristics of the "Ukrmagnesit" MgO board. Their mutual reaction creates a very strong crystal lattice that serves as a container for fillers.
Mineral additives
The addition of mineral components in the form of various kinds of clay, pearlite, etc., reduces the thermal conductivity coefficient of magnesia board, as well as its weight, while contributing to an increase in sound insulation.
Fine wood sawdust
Give the material volume and lightness.
Fibreglass mesh
Serves for double-sided reinforcement of magnesia boards. This component gives the board strength and elasticity.
Thanks to this composition of components and unique production technology, the "Ukrmagnesit" MgO board receives high-performance characteristics directly on the production line, without the use of third-party modifying substances, impregnation, etc.
Магнезитовая плита2 (EN)
Such a complex of properties has absolutely every type of MgO board, but to a different extent. Taking into account that in practical terms there is a great demand for materials with certain functions and properties, our company has started production of several types of specialized MgO boards, each with well-defined characteristics for different scopes of application.

MgO board dimensions

Ukrainian-made MgO board is a sheet material with a thickness of 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. Available in the optimal size of 1200x2400 mm, 600x1200 mm. The sheet area is 2.88 m2 and 0.72 m2 respectively.

It is important to note that the production capabilities of the company allow at a certain volume and requirements, to manufacture MgO board in the size required by the customer, or with a small correction.

Types of MgO board or magnesia board “Ukrmagnesit” company

Magnesia board "Standard" - used for internal finishing of walls, is actively used in the arrangement of inter-room partitions, floors, suspended ceilings, for producing of panels for decorative purpose and sound-absorbing structures, etc., in rooms with dry and normal humidity modes, in residential, administrative, public and industrial buildings. Due to 100% environmental friendliness, MgO board is widely used for finishing works in children 's rooms.

Priority directions of usingf MgO board "Standard":

  • Magnesite board of this kind is recommendded for finishing works in places with increased requirements for strength and wear resistance of structures (sports centers, shopping and entertainment centers, cinema, heated warehouses, etc.);
  • It is recommended to use MgO board “Standard” in finishing works in buildings and structures with increased requirements of sanitary and epidemiological nature, namely: - medical institutions, laboratories, sanatoriums, hotels, restaurants, cafes, educational institutions, production workshops of food industry, etc.).
The MgO board “Premium” is widely used in interior finishing works with high-humidity or wet conditions. It is used in residential, administrative, public and industrial buildings for finishing walls, interior partitions, floors, suspended ceilings, etc. It can also be used for finishing works in areas without heating: basements, parking lots, warehouses, garages, balconies, etc.

Taking into account the large demand for specific construction and finishing materials, our company has tested and launched the production of MgO board with a fire protection function called «FireStop», and is distinguished by a high content of magnesium. Also we have the MgO board "WaterStop", water-resistant material with the addition of magnesium sulfate for premises with increased humidity. These magnesia boards are the subtypes of the «Premium» board.

Main application areas of MgO board «Premium»:

  • it is used for finishing works in industrial and manufacturing facilities with increased requirements for resistance to aggressive media: acids, alkali, oil products;
  • for finishing works in premises with the abrupt changes in humidity and temperature: showers, swimming pools, sauna, kitchen, bakery, car washes, etc.;
  • it is actively used for fire protection of load-bearing structures, as well as for the protection of parts of buildings with high fire safety standards: evacuation routes, elevator shafts, stairways, communication shafts, ventilation shafts, wooden elements of attic floors, etc.;
  • this material has proven itself in the installation of fireplaces, stoves, etc., as well as for the installation of protective screens between the fireplace furnace and the floors or walls structures.
The MgO board "Facade" is used in insulation of external walls with ventilated air, in making the sandwich panels and in construction of fast-mounted buildings, as an external protective layer. It is a non-combustible material and is often used in constructions whose operation is associated with the abrupt changes in humidity and temperature. It is used for facade claddings of buildings and structures, as well as a base for roofs.

Main application areas of MgO board «Facade»:

  • ventilated facade system;
  • it is used as a basis for various facade finishes (including stone cladding);
  • framework building with metal or wooden frame;
  • monolithic-frame construction;
  • for production of permanent formwork;
  • for roofing;
  • plastering systems of facade insulation.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of MgO board


«Standard» «Premium» «Facade»
Length, mm 2400/1200 2400/1200 2400
Width, mm 1200/600 1200/600 1200
Thickness, mm 8,10,12 8,10,12 10,12
Density, kg/m3, within 750…850 900…1000 1000…1200
Water absorption,%, maximum 30 22 10
Bending strength, MPa, minimum 5,5 7,5 7,5
Change of linear dimensions under effect of temperature and humidity,%, maximum 0,3 0,2 0,1
Specific resistance to screw pulling, N/mm 30 40 50
Fire resistance NF (nonflammable material) NF (nonflammable material) NF (nonflammable material)
Impact resistance, J, minimum 3,0 4,0 5,0
Frost resistance, loss of bending strength by no more than 10%, frost cycles 50


Environmental friendliness
MgO board doesn’t contain harmful components and substances, there are no elements of formaldehyde in the composition, asbestos, etc. It consists only of natural environmentally friendly substances. Absolutely safe during operation for both people and food. Meets all existing environmental standards.
MgO board belongs to the class of incombustible materials. Under the influence of high temperature does not ignite, does not release harmful toxic substances, which makes this material optimal for use in conditions with increased fire safety requirements, as well as in structures for protection of bearing structures from fire. The best solution, in this case, will be to use the «FireStop»
Moisture resistance
The MgO board, due to principal components, is not deformed under the influence of such adverse factors like humidity, steam, dampness. Also it`s not afraid of direct contact with water. In rooms where there is a risk of direct contact with water or in the conditions of the increased humidity we recommend to use a specialized “WaterStop”
Due to high characteristics of strength MgO board suitable for reuse after dismantling, also in mounting it is possible to use a pneumo-gun, to scrape, twist screws self-tapping screws, etc. For example, on the partition made of a MgO board, it is possible to carry out the mounting of the hinged equipment.
Antiseptic properties
These properties are caused by principal components of this material, oxide and chloride of magnesium which are natural antiseptics. These components of a MgO Board constrain the emergence of colonies of mold, fungi, insects.
Ease of processing
For the processing of a MgO board there are not required special devices and the tool. Cutting of a board is carried out by using a construction knife with replaceable edges by a notch and a subsequent fracture.
High characteristics of durability make a MgO board suitable for reuse after dismantling, also in mounting it is possible to use a pneumo-gun, to scrape, twist screws self-tapping screws, etc. For example, on the partition made of a magnesia board, it is possible to carry out the mounting of the hinged equipment.
Dimensional stability
A high content of magnesian cement in a MgO board by the production of the “Ukrmagnesit” company allows us to receive a low coefficient of linear dilatation under the influence of high temperature and humidity.
Frost resistance
Magnesite board “Ukrmagnesit” of “Facade” view lasts more than 50 cycles.

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