Magnesium Oxide board “FireStop”

MgO board or magnesia board
Universal construction and finishing material based on magnesia binding substances with fire protection function.

MgO board «FireStop» is a sheet construction and finishing material intended for fire protection in residential and industrial premises. Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ТУ У В.2.7-23.6-23638610-001:2014.

It is used to protect against possible fire within the near-fireplace space (wall, floor, ceiling, etc.), for fire protection of interfloor bridgings (in case of the passage of chimney flues or chimney pipes through them), for sauna, boiler rooms, attics, etc.

Огнестоп1 (EN)
The MgO board «FireStop» is classified as class A2 in terms of flame reaction, with additional classification s1 (smoke generation while burning) and d0 (flaming particles), with overall classification A2-s1,d0 (according to the European fire classification system), non-flammable material. It does not ignite, does not make smoke, does not spread fire on its surface and does not emit toxic substances during exposure to high temperatures.

Composition of the MgO board "FireStop"

Magnesium > 70%
The increased magnesium content, as the element responsible for fire resistance, allows this type of board to withstand high temperatures for as long as possible.
Mineral additives
Adding mineral components, in the form of various clays, perlite, etc. allows to reduce the coefficient of thermal conductivity of MgO board, as well as its weight, while increasing the sound insulation.
Fine Wood Sawdust
Gives volume and lightness to the MgO board
Fiberglass mesh
High-density fiberglass mesh, used for double-sided reinforcement of the board, provides elasticity and high strength.
Due to the higher content of magnesium cement (more than 70%) and the use of high-strength reinforcing fiberglass mesh, the MgO board “FireStop” withstands exposure to an open flame for a long time, preventing to spread over its surface.
Огнестоп2 (EN)
According to the results of production tests, the «FireStop» board is able to withstand the effects of high temperatures without destruction, while performing its fire protection function.

MgO board dimensions

The MgO board “FireStop” is produced in optimal size 1200x600 mm and 1200x2400 mm, thickness 10 mm. The sheet area is 0.72 and 2.88 square meters respectively.

The small format of the board is especially convenient for transportation as well as for installation by yourself. The MgO board “FireStop” has a reddish tint, making it easy to identify.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of MgO board "FireStop"


Dimensions, mm 1200х600х10; 2400х1200х10
Density, kg/m3, within 950...1050
Water absorption, %, maximum 20
Flexural strength, MPa, minimum 8,0
Flexural strength, MPa, after immersion in water for 24 h, not less than 6,8
Changes in linear dimensions due to temperature and humidity,%, maximum 0,15


The MgO board «FireStop» is classified as A2-s1,d0 (according to the European fire classification system) non-flammable material. Under the high temperature it does not ignite, does not emit toxic substances making this material optimal for use in facilities with increased fire safety standards, as well as for the protection of bearing structures from fire.
Resistance to high temperatures
In case of open fire, the material does not allow through penetration of the flame, while maintaining the overall integrity of the construct.
Resistance to mechanical damage
The board has good front surface hardness indicators (use of high density reinforcement layer), which ensures the resistance of this material to external factors (including mechanical ones).
Easy installation
The light weight and dimensions make this sheet material easier to use. Installation can be done alone, without the need of lifting mechanisms.
MgO board “FireStop” does not contain harmful components and substances, there are no elements of formaldehyde, asbestos, etc. It consists only of natural ecologically pure substances. Absolutely safe in use both for people and foodstuffs. Conforms to all existing environmental standards.

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