HPL Decorative MgO Board

Construction and finishing material with a unique set of performance characteristics, which provide a wide range of applications.

HPL decorative MgO board is a universal decorative and building material for finishing, which excludes all draft (including "wet") preparatory processes.

It is used in residential, administrative and public buildings as decoration and cladding of walls, ceilings, interroom partitions, where durability and practicality are needed.


Декор панель1 (EN)
This type of decorative finishing materials has a lower price than conventional HPL-panels, which is an important competitive advantage.

Composition of HPL Decorative MgO board

HPL Decorative MgO board consists of:

  • MgO board (substrate material)
  • an upper thin layer of laminate HPL
  • protective (transportation) coating which is removed immediately before board installation

The surface of the panel is as resistant to mechanical damage, chemical reagents, moisture and other household factors as possible, which often cause a wall defect, whether it is wallpaper or wall painting.

Декор панель2 (EN)
The decorative range includes several types of textures.

HPL Decorative MgO board Specifications

The board is available in the size of 3000x1200 mm, the thickness of 10 mm. The sheet area is 3.6 m2.

It is important to note that the production capabilities of the company allow to produce MgO decorative panel according to the specified sizes required by the customer. The manufacturing period is 30-40 working days.

The boards are delivered in piles on pallets measuring 3000x1200 mm and stacked together with film or paper gaskets on top of each other. Prior to installation, the panels should be stored in the same way to prevent the deformation of an upper sheet of the boards.

HPL Decorative MgO board Installation

The surface does not require major preparatory work before the boards are installed.

MgO Decorative Boards are mounted on metal framing profiles similar to the installation of gypsum board systems using standard technology.

The exposed metal framing is sutured with magnesia decorative boards using aluminium decorative mounting profiles.



Physical and mechanical properties of HPL Decorative MgO boards


Features Unit Regulation on test methods Parameter Values Results
Bending strength:
- facing downwards
- facing upwards
ДСТУ Б В.2.7-277   
Bending strength, after holding in water at 15-20°C:
- facing downwards
- facing upwards
ДСТУ Б В.2.7-277  
Linear expansion by moisture % ДСТУ Б В.2.7-277 - 0,2
Screw pullout resistance:
-Screw inserted into the front surface
-Screw inserted into the non- facing surface 
ГОСТ 10637 (EN 320)  
Impact resistance of the front surface of the board J ДСТУ Б В.2.6-35 5,0 after impact, there is no destruction or damage on the front surface


MgO board does not contain harmful components and substances, there are no elements of formaldehyde, asbestos, etc. It consists only of natural ecologically pure substances. Absolutely safe in use both for people and for foodstuffs.
Fire Resistant
It is non-flammable at high temperature, does not emit harmful toxic substances, which makes this material optimal for use in the facilities with increased fire safety requirements, as well as in the structural elements to protect the load-bearing structures from fire. Class “A” fire rated.
Moisture Resistance
Decorative MgO board is not deformed under the influence of adverse factors such as humidity, steam, dampness.
The material has good strength characteristics. It can be used in projects where durability is important (administrative buildings, production facilities, sports facilities, etc.). Decorative MgO board is suitable for mounting attachments.
Antiseptic properties
These properties are due to the main components of this material, magnesium oxide and chloride, which are natural antiseptics. These components of the board prevent the appearance of mold, fungi and insects.
Resistance to mechanical damage
Thanks to the MgO board as substrate material and the thin laminate coating, it is resistant to mechanical damage.
Quick installation
Finishing with Decorative MgO panels does not require any preparatory draft works. The boards are mounted on a profiled metal frame, similar to drywall, so that a high speed of work is achieved.

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