Magnesium Oxide board «WaterStop»

MgO board or magnesia board
Universal construction and finishing material based on magnesia binding substances for areas with high humidity.

MgO board «WaterStop» is a sheet construction and finishing material intended for use in rooms where direct contact with water is possible, in areas with high humidity, and also in places with a risk of mold and mildew.

The MgO board «WaterStop» has proved to be an excellent finishing material for bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, swimming pools, basements, attics, balconies, window jambs, etc. Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ТУ У В.2.7-23.6-23638610-001:2014.

Водостоп1 (EN)
According to the results of production tests, the board «WaterStop» is able to withstand direct contact with water for several days without significant changes in strength, also without losing its physical and mechanical characteristics that were provided by the manufacturer.

Composition of the MgO board «WaterStop»

Magnesium sulfate
The main component of the «WaterStop» board, due to which it has a high coefficient of water resistance.
Mineral additives
Adding mineral components in the form of various clays, perlite, etc. allows to reduce the coefficient of thermal conductivity of MgO board, as well as its weight, while increasing the sound insulation.
Fine Wood Sawdust
Gives volume and lightness to the MgO board
Fiberglass mesh
It is used for double-sided reinforcement. For this type of board a high strength fiberglass mesh is used to ensure excellent performance.
Due to this composition the MgO board «WaterStop» has low linear expansion rates under the influence of temperature and humidity, which allows the use of this material in unheated or basement areas.
Водостоп2 (EN)
High water resistance and antiseptic properties make this finishing material the absolute leader among similar materials in the field of application.

MgO board dimensions

The MgO board «WaterStop» is produced in optimal size 1200x600 mm and 1200x2400 mm, thickness 9 mm. The sheet area is 0.72 and 2.88 square meters respectively.

The small format of the board is especially convenient for transportation as well as for installation by yourself, as it does not require additional support mechanisms.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of a magnesia board «WaterStop»


Dimensions, mm 1200х600х9; 2400х1200х9
Density, kg/m3, within 950...1100
Water absorption, %, no more 18
Flexural strength, MPa, minimum 8,0
Flexural strength, MPa, after immersion in water for 24 h, not less than 7,3
Changes in linear dimensions due to temperature and humidity,%, maximum 0,15


Water resistance
The MgO board «WaterStop», thanks to its main components, does not lose its operating characteristics when exposed to the aggressive external environment (moisture, steam, water, etc.).
Not afraid of direct contact with water
The MgO board «WaterStop» is able to withstand several cycles from complete wet to dry without loss of strength and dimensional changes.
Resistant to mold and mildew
Magnesium sulfate and magnesium oxide have natural antiseptic properties, thus preventing the spread of mold and mildew inside the material.

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MgO board «WaterStop»

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